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2013 Outstanding Educators!

November 19, 2013

Celebrating Our Teachers

Foundation Recognizes 2013 Outstanding Educators!

Elementary School

Chris Schermerhorn, Reading - Fruitvale

Amy Wilson, Writing - Orchard Avenue

Dave McCall, Math - Fruitvale

Middle School

Robin Ely, Reading & Writing - Bookcliff

Yunnuen McLaughlin, Math - Bookcliff

High School

*Derek Brown, Reading - Central 

*Jeena Williams, Reading, Central 

Scott Vogt, Writing - Palisade 

*Melissa Belden, Math - Palisade

*Ann Conaway, Math - Palisade

*Heather Huntley, Math - Palisade

Awarded for the highest Median Growth Percentile in the District. Data gathered from 2012 TCAP scores in math, reading and writing, grades 3-10.  

*Denotes a tie


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