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Foundation Raising Funds for E-Readers

October 02, 2012 Posted in General

KREX Channel 5

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- The District 51 Foundation gave a presentation at Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting to give an update on the efforts being made.The District 51 Foundation is a nonprofit created to help raise additional funds for the school district.Since the foundation started in 2010, it has created a board composed primarily of community members and district officials who have looked into how they can help the district."There are a lot of people who want to support the school district, and we've got a lot of needs and we've had a lot of cuts in the school, so we think the foundation can maybe help make up some of that difference," said Roy Blythe, president of the District 51 Foundation.Currently, the foundation's priority is to combine the need for reading and technology.  So far, 18 local companies have gotten on board, and they have raised $36,000 toward the project.


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