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Nooks in Education

October 02, 2012 Posted in General

KKCO News Channel 11

Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) - District 51 plans to put e-readers in the hands of students.

Currently the District 51 Foundation is raising money to buy e-readers for the classroom.

The foundation's goal is to get 51 investors to donate $2,000 each. It is a technology that is appealing to both students and schools.

"Nook or other reading devices have proved effective in helping those readers who need help. So the idea is to raise enough Nooks to put at least five in each elementary school across the district. Then the school would determine how to use them to put them in kids' hands to help them improve their reading skills,” says Dan Prinster, treasurer for the foundation.

The foundation has already recruited a little more than half the investors needed to reach that goal.

You can donate through the foundation's new website that launches on Wednesday.


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