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Roy and Pamela Blythe: A Legacy of Building

May 19, 2020

Donor Spotlight

Roy and Pamela Blythe: A Legacy of Building

As a young man, Roy Blythe went off to college hoping to become a teacher and a coach. He discovered architecture along the way and became a registered professional architect instead. Fast forward four decades, Roy and his wife Pamela founded Blythe Group + co, a local architecture, interior design and project management company. Their firm has been involved in dozens of renovation and new school construction projects across the District. The couple is personally committed to supporting public education. Over a decade ago, Roy heard about the model of a public education foundation in Eagle County that raised private funds to support public education. He wanted to try a similar approach here. Many meetings and incorporation documents later, the D51 Foundation was formed. Notes Roy, "our school system is an integral and critical institution in our community. Those teachers work so hard to educate their students - both in academic subjects and as citizens of our community. We know our school district has limited funds and we hoped to find ways to involve the larger community in supporting the work of our teachers and district administrators." On the occasion of D51 Foundation's 10th anniversary in February, Roy and Pamela surprised guests at the annual fundraiser dinner by presenting Angela Christensen with a significant endowment donation. The Blythes explained, "we always planned to leave an end-of-life donation to benefit D51 Foundation but we realized, why not do it now and invite other people who care about public education to join us in promoting the mission of the D51 Foundation and building an endowment for long-term funding support?" The Blythes have established the Roy and Pamela Blythe Fund for D51 Foundation. Their generous donation is so appreciated and fitting for a couple who has committed years of their lives to a cause near and dear to their hearts, working tirelessly on behalf of the students and staff of D51 to enhance and expand learning opportunities. We know we speak for our colleagues on the D51 Foundation Board and across D51 when we say, THANK YOU FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE GENEROSITY TO STUDENTS IN OUR COMMUNITY!


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