12th Round of Professional Learning Grants Distributed

12th Round of Professional Learning Grants Distributed

The District 51 Foundation is pleased to announce its 12th round of Professional Learning Grant Award Recipients. A total of over $15,000 in grants will be awarded from the D51 Foundation to 53 District 51 staff members. The foundation received grant requests totaling over $136,000. Since 2018, the D51 Foundation has donated over $125,000 to 311 D51 staff members for professional learning.

According to Michele Rewold, past D51 Foundation grant recipient and teacher at Dual Immersion Academy, “The generous support of the D51 Foundation allows us to participate in specialized dual language education professional development that does not exist in our valley. This training positively impacts our practice as dual language educators and directly enhances the quality instruction we are able to offer to our multilingual learners. Thank you so very much.”

Each year, the D51 Foundation uses proceeds from its White Iced Celebration and other fundraising efforts to fund specific needs in School District 51. This year, fundraising dollars will be used to purchase technology for students, professional learning for staff, and resources for student and staff wellness.

“Thank you again to the Foundation and all of the donors! I cannot wait to use the many techniques and ideas this upcoming school year,” added Fruitvale Elementary Music Teacher Damian Johann who received funding in the 11th Round to attend The Modern Band Summit.

“The D51 Foundation knows the key role professional learning plays in growing our D51 students academically; it’s part of our mission. Our generous donors and supporters make this all possible,” said Angela Christensen, D51