D51F Announces Inaugural Round of Technology & Innovation Grants

D51F Announces Inaugural Round of Technology & Innovation Grants

The District 51 Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of its inaugural Technology and Innovation Grant Awards. A total of over $10,000 in grants will be awarded from the D51 Foundation to 11 District 51 staff members.

According to Tom Edwards, D51 Foundation grant recipient and computer science teacher at Redlands Middle School, “As a teacher, it is awesome to see all the doors that open up when the kids have access to this type of technology.” Mr. Edwards continued by saying, “After telling the kids about getting the grant, they have not stopped talking about all the different ways they can use this technology.” Mr. Edwards received grant funding for a Bambu Lab 3D Printer.

Each year, the D51 Foundation uses proceeds from its White Iced Celebration and other fundraising efforts to fund specific needs in School District 51. This year, fundraising dollars will be used to purchase technology and innovation products for students, professional learning for staff, and provide resources for student and staff wellness.

“It’s amazing how much excitement and engagement is generated when students know they have good technology to do their work. Thank you!” noted Orchard Mesa Middle School Challenge Program teacher and grant recipient Tina Sleigh.

Broadway Elementary 4th grade teacher and grant recipient Mykenzie Sanchez added, “Each of these robots will allow learners to grapple with different coding forms, and extend their knowledge of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) platforms within the classroom. Thank you for helping me…pave the way for my learners’ futures.”

“We want to improve our community’s technical capabilities by ensuring that current and future generations of students have access to 21st century technology. D51 Foundation knows the key role state-of-the-art technology plays in growing our D51 students academically; it’s part of our mission. Our generous donors and supporters make this all possible,” said Angela Christensen, D51 Foundation Executive Director.